Our Team

Our staff consists of a team of knowledgeable structural engineers and technicians led by our president and principal engineer K.C. Bhatia and our lead senior engineer Eugene J. Collins.

Kiransinh C. Bhatia, PE

Principal Structural Engineer

KC has over 45 years of structural engineering experience with project management, structural design, investigation, consultation, field services, feasibility, load studies and blast upgrades for a multitude of structures such as office buildings, warehouses, parking structures, educational facilities, multi-residential structures, hospitals, embassies, chanceries and ambassadors residences.

KC started with Johns and Bhatia in 1973, became a partner in 1978 and became president of the company in 1994. He has led the firm for more than 30 years with a philosophy of providing unparalleled service to all clients no matter the scope of the project. Over the years, KC has worked closely with and formed great working relationships with numerous architectural firms, contractors and federal sector clients on a myriad of different projects in the Washington D.C. area and all over the world. This includes working with design and contracting teams surveying more than 100 posts for the U.S. government overseas.

Having instilled a family atmosphere throughout the company, our team has followed his lead in going above and beyond to provide clients with the best possible service. KC believes in keeping up with all technological advancements in the field of structural engineering and thus arms his employees with the most recent analysis, modeling and drafting programs so that the company always submits the best product possible.

KC received a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from the College of Engineering in Poona, India in 1969 and then went on to receive a Master of Science degree in structural engineering from Kansas State University in 1971.

KC currently holds professional engineering registrations in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and West Virginia.

Eugene J Collins

Eugene J. Collins, PE

Lead Senior Engineer

Eugene is a respected and distinguished member of the engineering community with more than 45 years experience in the structural design of U.S. Embassies, Consulate buildings, ambassador residences, chanceries, large office buildings, shopping centers, parking structures, hospitals, educational facilities, multi-residential structures, commercial properties, and warehouses; both in the United States and overseas. His expertise also includes structural investigations, field inspections, and feasibility and load studies for a multitude of structures.

Eugene began his career from the bottom up. Directly out of college in 1972 his first jobs were with two renowned New York engineering firms: Mueser, Rutledge, Wentworth and Johnson (geotechnical), and Weiskopf and Pickworth Consulting Engineers (structural). His responsibility was the full time structural inspection of the New National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. designed by the famous architect I. M. Pei. At that time this was a one hundred million dollar construction project. Through this unique opportunity he was fortunate to have received, early on, the hands-on experience in the particulars of how a structure is pieced together from the foundation to the superstructure – experiences which gave him a solid groundwork in the practical and conceptual challenges which engineers grapple with on a day-to-day basis, and which have proved invaluable throughout his career as a professional engineer. In 1976, deciding against an offer to relocate to New York, Eugene began work in Washington, D.C. with KCE Structural Engineers. This was an exciting period of an intense high-rise construction boom in Washington, D.C. where Eugene was the project manager of over 20 office/residential high rises.

In 1990 Eugene moved to the State Department Overseas Building Operations as a Project and Design Engineer; traveling to U.S. Diplomatic Posts on every continent around the globe in his capacity as overseer of government construction projects. He was Lead Engineer in the review and approval of designs for diplomatic and consular office buildings, post residences, staff apartments, commissaries, and associated special use structures based on State Department criteria. His responsibility was the provision of professional consulting for Ambassadors and other high-level US Foreign Service officials in the resolution of complicated and critical structural problems in a wide variety of situations and structures throughout the world. In particular Eugene offered expertise in the area of physical security addressing all aspects of design including blast design, ballistics and forced entry; and was instrumental in the development of in-house Department of State physical security design guidelines.

Eugene has received many awards for his work with the State Department and his engineering contributions in overseas facilities around the world.

Eugene brought all this experience to Johns and Bhatia Engineering Consultants when he joined the firm in 1998. As Project Manager and Chief Structural Engineer, he has completed extensive commercial and government projects for the firm. Eugene believes in creative thinking thinking out of the box – when challenged with complex structural issues. He believes two heads are always better than one and invites new and innovative thinking on all projects. This results not only in successful, visionary projects, but has an impact on the working relationships among his peers and colleagues as well, creating an interoffice camaraderie and cooperative working relationships. The result is successful designs and clients who are assured of the highest quality product.

Amar K. Bhatia, PE

Structural Engineer

Amar has over 20 years of structural engineering experience with project management, structural design, investigation, consultation, field services, feasibility studies and load studies for a multitude of structures such as office buildings, warehouses, parking structures, educational facilities, embassies and chanceries.

Amar graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in civil engineering in 2001 and joined Johns and Bhatia shortly after. During his time with the firm Amar has specialized in doing Federal sector work in the Washington, D.C. area and overseas. He has traveled extensively with teams surveying numerous posts for the Overseas Building Operations (OBO) branch of the State Department. He has also been the project manager and lead structural designer on numerous design-build projects for OBO.
Amar strives to maintain the standard of service and work that Johns and Bhatia is known for providing its clients.

Eugene R. Collins, PE

Structural Engineer

Eugene has been a member of the Johns and Bhatia team for over 20 years. As a structural engineer for the firm, Eugene provides structural design, analysis, and consultation; specializing in steel, concrete, masonry, and wood construction.

Eugene began his structural career early on, working throughout college for several prominent construction companies such as Clark Construction and Miller & Long. He learned the fundamentals of construction, working from the ground up, holding various progressive titles from Laborer, to Carpenters Assistant, to On-site Engineer. It was here that Eugene gained valuable insight and hands-on experience concerning the differences between theoretical design and practical design – knowledge he would apply to assure the construction feasibility of all his future design concepts.

Graduating in 2001 from the University of Maryland, Eugene earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Immediately following graduation, he joined his father, Eugene J. Collins, at Johns and Bhatia Engineering Consultants. Since then, Eugene has been involved with the structural design of hundreds of projects, both governmental and commercial. His projects encompass a wide variety of building types, located in the United States and abroad, including: office buildings, libraries, U.S. Embassies, Consulate facilities, pavilions, canopies, and parking garages. With a clearance level of Top Secret, much of his work takes him overseas. He has conducted structural investigations and site surveys for U.S. government properties in dozens of foreign countries, on multiple continents. As lead structural design engineer and project manager on multiple projects for the firm, Eugenes’ experience includes: the analysis and evaluation of existing structures; additions and renovations; reshoring and bracing; forced entry and ballistic resistance security upgrades; compound anti-climb, anti-ram, and retaining structures; and blast and seismic lateral design in addition to gravity load design of new structures.

Terry L. Anderson

Design Engineer/Facility Security Officer

Terry has over 25 years of structural engineering experience with project management, structural design and detailing, investigation, consultation, field services, and blast upgrades for a multitude of structures such as office buildings, warehouses, parking structures, educational facilities, embassies, chanceries and ambassadors residences.

Terry started with Johns and Bhatia in 1994 and became facility security officer in 1997. He has been involved in numerous SED design build projects since 2003, to include but not limited to NEC compounds in Kingston, Jamaica; Astana Kazakhstan; Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Terry works with the engineers and architects to ensure the drawings were well coordinated and detailed.

During the construction of the NEC in Port-Au-Prince, Terry worked on site with the contractor to help correct rebar congestion and detailing issues during the construction of NOB.